The Importance of Good Communication 

The importance of good communication 
When we, as a family, communicate well, it stops all kinds of misunderstandings. If I ask Daddy or Kitty to clarify things instead of guessing what they meant it helps us all. I don’t get upset when I know exactly what they meant. I can also ask as many questions as I need to to clarify until I truly understand. I also need to keep my line of communication open and easily known. I can’t assume daddy or Kitty know what I want or need. They can’t unless I tell them. 
I need to never jump to conclusions or be upset over something. It does not help me or the family if that happens. There should be nothing that I am upset over using conjectures or assumptions. I don’t always know how things were meant. I need to ask. 
Daddy and Kitty also need to ask me when they are confused. I often confuse everyone with what I am thinking. I am all over the place with thoughts. So they need to ask me. I will also answer them honestly and truthfully. Sometimes too honestly. I know I can be blunt and sometimes abrasive. I don’t sugar coat things. I don’t act happy when I’m not. I don’t hold much in these days.  I am trying to be more gentle in my communication, yet still be genuine in my message. I don’t have the time for insincerity. I did that for way too long in my marriage. I don’t want to do that again. 
Love you both,



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