The End of 2016, The Beginning of 2017

With each years end, I tend to look back on the good, the bad and the ugly. I look inward to see what I could have done better, what needs improvment, what I have to be happy and proud about. What expectations were met, what was not met. There were a lot of things I did right this year. Some I can improve upon, and so very much to be thankful for in my life. 

My relationship with Daddy has grown exponentially. We have a deeper level of trust than ever before. He has and has always had my best interest at heart. I have always had his best interest at heart as well. I try hard to anticipate his wants and needs. I want to make sure he always knows I won’t allow anyone to hurt him. I try hard to do that always. I can’t bear for anyone to hurt my daddy. To have anyone let him down hurts me deeply. To have me let him down is so painful, I am rendered a big crying mess. I have had a few meltdowns this year and I have been very much not in control. I gave up that control to my daddy. It suits me very well. He is a kind and benevolent leader and daddy. I can trust him with my heart and my whole being. 

I have redeveloped a closet relationship with my sister. We had some rocky moments that are quite private. And I am happy she is here with us. We all had some learning moments and it’s like wrinkles in a blouse, they are smoothed out and looking sparkly. 

My own personal accomplishments are that I have lost the weight I set out to do. I am healthier and happier. I am able to please myself and daddy. He is proud of me as well. That makes me glow. To please him is to fill me with happiness. I have grown stronger, I did a lot of things this year that frightened me for daddy and I saw how pleased he was. That alone was something that caused me to beam with pride. 

I will be working on being softer with my opinions, trying even harder to be more empathetic and kinder. I want to be kind and loving to more people and help more.  I want to lose any hardness I have and grow more patient. 

My humor with daddy continues and we make each other laugh tremendously. I can’t imagine my life without him. I think he’s the one person on earth that will always get my goofy sense of humor and I get his as well. 

In conclusion, my 2016 was personally a growth and development year. I grew healthy, strong, and happy. I have an inner sense of peace and love. I am more secure in my relationship with daddy and Kitty. I am a good and happy weight, I’m accepting of my little, and of daddy and know I am extremely important to him. I am assured that I am worthy of him. And that he is happy with my submission and my caring of him. I please him and he pleases me 100 fold in return. 

I can only hope and pray and try to make 2017 an even better year. One to continue to grow in health, happiness and love. I will do everything in my power to make sure that happens. 

I love my family, HAPPY 2017!!! May this new year have all of our happiness in store!!!



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