What It Means To Me To Be A Daddy’s Girl

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-2-55-31-amSometimes when others think of Daddy Doms and their “girls”, they think it means to dress up as a little or to be playing with dolls and such. That’s perfectly fine for those who can relate to that age group. I don’t relate to that young of a little. I am usually around 12. I have a different relationship most of the time with my daddy. He is my protector, my best friend, my confidant, my “I need to bounce this idea off of you,” person, my “I screwed up and I need you Daddy”person, my silly giggles person. Someone I can be “anyone and anything I am at the time” person.

I have no right way to act, except with respect. I try hard not to be disrespectful, but sometimes being 12 , that isn’t always successful. He has punished me for that. And I am not often willing to repeat that behavior. I like being a “good girl.” I can be cheeky, silly and sarcastically funny but still not be disrespectful and ignore his position in my life.

He fulfills so many roles in my life. Lover, daddy, friend, buddy, protects me (often from myself), and tells me when I’m going off the deep end. He is often my therapist and my “just checking if you’re okay person.” He cares. Truly cares. Not superficially, not when it’s convienent, not when he has a few extra minutes, all the time.

That being said I’m sure he would say much the same about me. I am his friend and confidant and I am fiercely, extraordinarily protective of him. I will not allow anyone to purposely hurt him. I am usually kind and respectful of other people, but I will go way out of my comfort zone to protect him and our bond.

We have a rather unique bond, and it shows to anyone who knows us. We are comfortable and easy with each other. There are no pretentious behaviors. I am not afraid if my 12 year old comes out. If I screw up stuff, we laugh and shake our heads. Sophie just can’t help herself sometimes. I know it could drive others crazy, because sometimes she is a freaking mess. And he never gets angry or embarrassed. He helps me pick up my “pieces” whether real items or emotional ones and holds me tightly. It’s okay to be me. My sister, Kitty does the same thing. She laughs and we both shake our heads. She knows I am simply a goofball at times.

That is what is the most important thing in my life. It is okay to be ME. No matter who that is at the moment. ME! It’s the most freeing thing in the world. I can be who I am. I can feel, what I feel. There are no guidelines, except always show him and my sister, respect. No laws on how I am suppose to act. Yes, he is in charge. Yes, I follow his lead, but I don’t have to be any special way, adult or little -it’s all okay. And that is so very comforting to me. He’s extremely intelligent and compassionate, which always allows me to rely on his advice. Now that being said I try hard to follow his orders to a Tee. I try hard to do as I am asked.

Being a little doesn’t mean you are always a little. Sometimes I’m a very adult person. Sometimes, I have wisdom. Sometimes, I have enormous compassion. Sometimes, I simply want my daddy. I am a very multifaceted person who changes like the weather, but I am always ME!

I am one very lucky little girl, adult and friend. I have found what most people can’t ever fathom. My Daddy, my everything.

I love you deeply Daddy,

Sugar and the gang lol


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