The Distance

Daddy is away for a few weeks. It’s not a long time, I’m well aware of that. He’s been in contact and he’s very busy. He is working a great deal. It is something I’m not used to happening-Daddy and I not being together at least one or twice a week. I don’t much like it and Sophie really doesn’t like it. You would think I’d feel lost. I don’t. Daddy makes sure I’m doing well and I’m secure. It’s more just an extreme ache of missing him. 

I am thankful, I get to see my sister during this time. It makes me feel connected to all of us. It’s comforting to know someone else is there who knows what it feels like. She is very busy too. And I understand what that is like. Life sometimes is like that. Work is so important, yet also can be stressful. Often the volume overwhelms us. We have to work hard at that not happening. It’s not always easy. I know Kitty is also dealing with not having Daddy close by. I’m always here for her as well. 

I have come to realize that I am okay all alone. Now that statement may sound like I don’t need Daddy or Kitty. Nothing could be further from the truth. I need them so very much, but I won’t fall apart or add to their stress. I won’t be a sniveling, needy, little  brat who adds to their stress and pulls at them until they are worn down to a frazzle. Nope, I’m fine by myself. I’m fine knowing they are my family and sometimes we all have responsibilities. 

Daddy recently told me that our relationship is not a short term sprint, but a lifelong relationship. That is very true. It’s important to realize that life happens to all of us. It will sometimes be me who is unavailable for a few weeks or Kitty, Daddy will get busy again as well. Life certainly does happen. It is our responsibility to not let it interfere with our relationship, to not pull at each other until it’s one added piece of stress. No one needs that. And I certainly would never want to be thought of as stressful. 

All of that being said, I miss daddy with all of my heart, with all of my soul and all of my being. I can’t wait until he is in my arms and hugging the stuffing out of me. I can’t wait till he comes home and I can see his laughter in person, see his eyes light up, feel his hands and enjoy his love real time. Thank goodness I get to have sister hugs in my life right now. I don’t know what I would do without those! And soon enough I’ll get my daddy hugs as well. He isn’t far away in heart or soul, just in miles. And miles are bridgable with souls anyway. 

I’m one lucky ducky, and I never take anything for granted. I have a lovely family. They take care of me whether near or far. I try hard to do the same. 

Love you both,



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