screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-4-09-13-amThe ability to trust another person comes hard for some people. I will admit, it hasn’t always been easy for me. I know Daddy has had his own trust issues, as well. I tend to just give of myself easily, but giving trust is another matter. Trust is a hard thing to give to another person. It means giving them the ability to cut you deeply, handing them the tools and knowledge to do that and then knowing that not only they 100% will not do that, they can not. They can’t hurt you purposefully. It’s not in them. To hurt you purposefully, would mean that they hurt themselves just as much as you. To cut you, would mean they would bleed as well.

It’s a very symbiotic relationship between you and the person you trust. It is truly sacred. That power is stronger than a tornado, yet more fragile than the finest bone china. Trust takes time and love to build. It takes a promise to never purposefully hurt your significant other person, and it takes a solemn promise to always protect them as much as you possibly can.

Daddy and I have developed a kind of trust that is built on love, honesty, keeping our word, knowing and feeling that we have each others best interest at heart. He protects me and I protect him, both with a powerful force which one truly doesn’t want to experience. Unfortunately, as in most things in life, we cannot always protect each other as fully as we would like, and when that happens it’s like we feel each and every emotional pain as if it were happening to ourselves. We feel anger toward the person who caused our pain and we soothe each other gently and with loving acts. We reassure each other and talk about what happened and why.

Trust is never taken for granted. We cherish it, nurture it, coddle it, protect it, love it, as part of our love and relationship for each other. It’s is intergral to our being in a dominant/submissive relationship. Our veracity is pure and loving. There is never, I can’t stress this enough, never any deliberate malice in our actions or words. We do have our moments of disagreements, of insecurities, of our own internal issues, but never do we set out to hurt each other.

The bond between us is so much more than any boyfriend, and much more than a marriage. We have come to a place where trust is the epoxy that holds us together. It cements our relationship against anything and anyone who can try to damage it. The bond between us is crystal clear. We are family, we are lovers, we are Dominant and submissive, we are friends, we are confidants.

All of that has come out of knowledge that he will always have my best interest at heart and the knowledge that I will always have his best interest at heart. He looks out for me, and I look out for him. We trust that. We know that. We have no doubts in our minds about that. There are not many people who can say that. Very few, that I know personally. We are the lucky ones, we have broken the odds. broken the norms. We truly trust each other.

I love you, with all my heart,



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