Can Someone Learn to Be Submissive Outside of the Bedroom?

I have to say I truly don’t know about this question. I think if you aren’t pre-disposed to that mindset it would be very hard to try to become subservient to a dominant. I think that if you are not a natural caregiver, you aren’t good at following someone, don’t have a desire to please someone, a basic desire to be a “good girl,” it would be very difficult.

It may not be difficult for a week, a month perhaps, but to continue that submissive behavior would be quite difficult. I often say I’d give anything to NOT be submissive. It’s not a good feeling to need to make people happy. It’s not just daddy, it’s not just kitty, it’s my co-workers, my children, the woman at the Macy’s counter. I always look to see did I do something to help them or leave them happier than I found them.

I thrive on positive reinforcement, probably more than most people. I want to do the right thing, I want to make people happy. I need that like I need air, food and water. It nourishes my soul, it drives me. Daddy always gives me that. I don’t get that from home at all. I get the opposite. I have A.D.D. so I screw things up a lot. I forget what you asked me. I forget what you said something. I can be a messy thing. Daddy knows ask again and I will make sure it’s done. My heart and desire is in the right place- my mind doesn’t always cooperate. I mention that because it makes it difficult to follow directions.I also tell you that I’m not perfect. I’m flawed like the rest of the world.  I’m far from perfect, yet I believe it bothers me much more than it does the rest of the world. I relive all of my errors. I feel like I’m falling in my stomach and I’m sad and anxious.

So I don’t have a real answer to the question “Can you make someone into a submissive out of the bedroom?” Maybe, maybe not. If anyone reading has any viewpoints, I’d love to hear them. I would love to know because if you can make someone into a submissive, there is hope for me to be not one!!! Grin.

But for now, I’m happy that I have a Daddy I love and who knows how to make me feel important, loved and needed. It makes my heart sing.

I love you, Daddy,


P.S. I used outside of the bedroom because in the bedroom, many women are submissive there. Doesn’t naturally translate to real life.


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