How Opening Your Heart to Polyamory Is Worth Trying

Truth be told, I’m not a typical poly person. I am more of a “family” poly person. I tend to love one man and I can extend that love to other women as well. I  don’t really have a desire to extend that love to other men. Just not in me, at least right now. I get all that I need right now from my little family. 

I will not,however, say never. Who knows what the future will hold. Possibly a new woman, or a new man to share my love with. I don’t think about it much, but I never rule things out. I try to keep an open mind and fill my heart with all the love I have inside of me. 

Daddy says I forgive easily and I do. If I have a “little” melt down it’s short lived and lessened each hour. I don’t truly ever worry about how daddy feels about me. I know. No matter how many women, I have a very secure place in my heart with him. He loves me and I’m secure. Sophie(my little) has some melt downs once in awhile, and he deals with them as they come up, but all in all, things are not drama filled and calm. 

So the point is, maybe just accepting others into our life is how it needs to be. It makes Daddy happy and that is all I need to know. And one day I may have a desire to see someone outside of the family, but that remains to be seen or felt. For now, I will remain with my Poly family and enjoy the countryside.  This train is nice and steady and enjoyable. I love the view and the company is grand. 

Pass the popcorn please. I’m quite happy. 

Love ya, Sugar


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