How to Help Littles Handle Separation

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-7-11-47-pmSoon Daddy, Kitty and I will not see each other for awhile. Yes, it’s only 3-4 weeks, but I am already dreading it. Daddy and Kitty will be okay, it’s me who is going to be away and daddy some of it, as well. Bad timing, bad planning, lot of reasons, but the fact remains it has happened before, and will evidently happen again. I am also sure it’s happened to a great deal of littles. Regardless of why it happens, it’s always hard on me. So I am putting together a list strategies that will help me. Most do not include anyone’s help, some will be with Daddy’s and Kitty’s help.

  1. Keep a journal of how I am feeling. Write down what I am doing and how I feel. Depending on how much time Daddy has, it’s not always necessary to share with him, (not to burden him.)
  2. Definitely continue the “Good Morning” and “Good Night” texts. It really helps to connect us for the day and helps me sleep better at night knowing I am loved and wanted.
  3. Talk to Kitty whenever possible about anything bothering me, or just to bounce ideas off of her. Always helps me.
  4. Ask Daddy and/or Kitty to talk to me on the phone at least 3-5 times a week. We usually make time for that. It may be difficult but a 5 minute phone call goes a very long way in making me feel better.
  5. Take lots of pictures to share with them in texts. It will make all of us feel like we are there together. Ask them to do the same. Include them in any activities I have going on.
  6. Ask Daddy to give me his best and worst for the day. It allows me to feel included in his world, even if he’s not there physically.
  7. If at all possible, FaceTime with them both to see and hear them, if even in virtual land only.
  8. Go shopping and get them each something special from my trip. It will also help me stay focused and remember they will be seeing me soon, just a few short weeks from that time.
  9. Do a digital craft for us, send it to them. They will be laughing at it I’m sure. It will be silly.
  10. Tell Daddy ever day how much I love him. Keep expressing my feelings if I’m missing him. He’s very sweet and kind when he knows how emotional I am.

Those are my top 10 tips for staying calm and connected to my family. If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!

Love you, Daddy,



3 thoughts on “How to Help Littles Handle Separation

  1. Dont worry baby, daddy is only a distance in theory. I am also close to you and I am just a phone call away. I will miss you but we are always together in our hearts.

    Love Daddy


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