The Depth of Dominant/Submissive Love

screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-2-22-26-amWhat is submissive love? What do submissives do that is so very different than other people in love? What makes them so truly unusual? I’m not talking about some kinky bedroom bottom or submissive, I’m talking about the person whose main concern is their dominant. The submissive person whose thoughts are of their dominant when they wake up to, whose behaviors are driven by making sure their dominant is happy, whose fears are driven by his rejection, whose love is unconditional and never ending.

Submissives love with no boundaries, when they are sure they love a worthy dominant when they have found the level of dominant/submissive intimacy that is necessary for that lack of boundaries. As I have stated in previous articles, that excludes domineering, weak men, who can not begin to handle the level of responsibility it takes to have relationship with someone that deeply. It takes a strong, compassionate, reliable, consistent dominant, who will love that submissive with the same fire and love that she loves him. That does not mean he can not love another woman or maybe even several women, but he will never have that depth with more than one. It is impossible to maintain that type of a relationship with more than one woman. This is also true with a female Domme/male sub relationship. It’s the depth of love, of respect, of trust, of compassion, of passion, that makes this a unique type of love. It transcends all normal boundaries that exist in other relationships.

That submissive is a warrior for her dominant. She will fight for him, protect him and watch out for “snakes in the grass” for him. He, in turn, will do the same for her. He will protect her, sometimes from herself, but always from anyone who can harm her in any way, either emotionally or physically. There is a bond that is undeniable and impenetrable. They do not have to do much fighting at all, most of the time. Why? Because in this relationship, only the silliness of unknowing people can be mildly felt. It is silly to think someone could rip apart these epoxied souls, so no one gets truly hurt. Neither Dominant nor submissive feels their relationship change from other people. Even when the submissive has fears, at this level, even if she has a melt down, she is quickly righted, quickly reassured by her dominant. Her fears are put out like rain on a brush fire. They shake their heads and laugh soon after, knowing it was actually comedic and silly.

This is the type of stunningly beautiful relationship I have with my Daddy, my dominant. There is little we can’t or don’t discuss. We are flawed people, as everyone is, but make no mistake, we over come all of the adversities in our world. It is as we were made from the same cloth. The individual stands strong, knowing they are protected by the other. Our hearts love deeply, the deepest type of love, the rarest type, unconditionally. We are courageous because we know have each other’s ultimate best interest in our hearts. When you see a dominant and a submissive together, watch them interact. You will see something unusually fascinating, I promise. Something most of the world would envy if they only could give of themselves that boundlessly. Something they would need if they could understand it. Most people haven’t a clue. Pity, they are missing a world of love.

I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for making me yours,

With Love,



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