What Wouldn’t You Do for Your Dominant?

Everyone has limits. Everyone has things they wouldn’t do for anyone- not even a dominant or even yourself. I will say, I have no limits with my daddy because I don’t need them. He can’t hurt me on purpose. I know that already. There no reason to have any when he will never do something to hurt me emotionally or physically. If he asks me to do something I truly find uncomfortable, it’s easy to discuss with him. So limits to me are rather unnecessary. This is not always the case, I am well aware of that fact.

What are your limits and what is it you can’t bear to let anyone do to you? What evokes fear in you? What pain limits do you have? I will try anything once, maybe twice. Grin. If I like it, I will ask daddy to keep doing it. If not, I will see how much daddy enjoys it. If it’s something he enjoys, I love to please him. So far there isn’t really much I have had to say no to.

I’m a Daddy’s girl, nothing I wouldn’t do for my daddy. And nothing he wouldn’t do for me.

I love you daddy,



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