The Effects of Lies

Lies are never welcomed. They hurt the fiber of all relationships. They are absolutely devastating to a bdsm relationship. Daddy and I have a serious rule- no lies. Truthfully, I find them just unnecessary in our relationship. Now, that being said, I may not like everything daddy tells me. He may want to do something that hurts me. Not purposely, mind you, but does nonetheless. Having a little, I may not always respond appropriately. I may even have a temper trantrum, upsets daddy terrribly when that happens. (That’s yet another topic to be tackled at a later date.)Yet daddy doesn’t lie to me. He truly knows that it’s detrimental to our relationship. So do I.
It’s not that I always like what he says or does. I don’t. I’m sure he doesn’t love everything I say. I have very little filters with daddy or Kitty. I’m sure I’ve more than annoyed them with things I have said. But lying is not acceptable. It erodes the fiber of our relationship. If you tell a small lie, a bigger lie is sure to follow.

There are also different types of lies. There are socially acceptable lies. An example of that is: Do you like my shoes? In your mind you may think, “oh gosh they are hideous.” Yet out of your mouth you hear, I love them. Silly little lie. No one gets hurt.

Another type is one that is really more of a lie to not hear a verbal drubbing. Like, “Nice bag, can you truly afford that? How much was it?” Some random number comes out. One you may seem acceptable. Mostly harmless as well, unless you are financially relying on the person to support you. Different story.

Then there are the types of lies that are of omission. They are much more serious. They pull at the strings of trust. If you only tell me half the story what am I missing? What else did you do I don’t know about? And it doesn’t take much to cause a serious distrust in your relationship. Like a crack in a drinking cup, it may still be not leaking but one or two more you have rendered the cup totally broken and useless.

The worst and most hurtful are just out and out lies. “What did you do last night? I was home watching TV.” When you were with another submissive or woman. It’s just unacceptable. Those lies destroy a bdsm relationship (or any relationship) quicker than a firecracker goes boom.

Daddy and I have a rule. We don’t have a long list of rules, but no lying is one of them. It’s just unacceptable. We do not lie, period. Maybe just not to hurt my feelings occasionally, but even that I frown upon. Why? Because I can’t correct what he doesn’t like! If you hate my jeans tell me! I won’t wear them when I am with you. And will remember when I buy more! Lies by omission are more not lies with us but forgetting. I know that. I feel that from my heart. We simply didn’t remember or it didn’t seem important at the time. We don’t do that often and we rectify quickly. We never purposely lie. I can’t stand that thought of letting daddy down with a lie. He can’t stand that thought either. And no matter how poorly I take something he tells me, it’s nothing compared to what a lie would do to me.

All in all, think about what lies do to erode your relationships in life. They don’t do anything good. Ever. That being said I lie about my daddy to my spouse. Why? Because I can’t tell him the truth. If he finds out it will end my relationship with him and that’s just fine with me. I will be a big girl and handle that at the proper time.

I love you daddy. Thank you for your gifts of honesty, love and truthfulness. I have finally chosen well.

Yours, in all ways,



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