How to Control A Little

I will admit my little Sophie is a pain in the ass sometimes. She is a pain to me as well as everyone else. She is demanding, emotional, and drama filled. Daddy gets very upset with her and I realized I needed to control her. I find it hard to do. It’s never easy. I now stop and think a bit more. I try to calm down. I try to take hours to cool off. I don’t jump to conclusions but it’s not always easy.

I also talk to Kitty and ask her opinion. I try to get it out of my system BEFORE spouting out drama to daddy. I love him so very much, it’s extremely scary to Sophie that she will be bad and make daddy leave her. It makes me cry and I try very hard to not have her react negatively. Daddy and I come with some heavy baggage and both of us have abandonment issues. I know that I’m not always easy, and sometimes daddy isn’t either!

What am I doing to control Sophie’s meltdowns? 1. I stop and think before I speak to Daddy. 2. I take a few hours before I talk to Daddy. Cool off and try hard to see his side is the story. 3. I talk it over with Kitty and see what she thinks. 4. I cry. Yes it helps me release a lot of my emotions and I get out all of my anger, fear or pain. 5. I redirect my anger, fear or pain to something else, such as; playing online games, watching TV, reading or even writing in this blog.

I try extremely hard to squelch my outbursts. It’s very difficult for me. I come from a very loud Italian background and it’s always been an upheaval and impulsive responses to things. I am trying as hard as a little can try. Unfortunately, I don’t always succeed, I can only hope to make the span between outbursts longer and longer. And maybe pray that God gives Daddy the patience to not lose his love for me because of them.

I love you Daddy, with all my heart and soul.

Yours, Always and Forever,



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