My Heros-My Dominant and My Sister

Without going into specifics, I left home. I had a huge fight with my abusive spouse, and I mustered up some small bit of courage, and I left. I was upset. I was scared. I was a whole lot of things. Daddy was there. Daddy and Kitty held my hand. They made sure I was okay. They held my hearts close to them. I was in a hotel and daddy drove an hour to come and see me. He made sure I had money and gave me some. I accepted it as a loan and will, of course, pay him back. He stayed with me and held me. He made sure I was smiling and felt as safe and secure as I could. 

I am an only child. I never had anyone to rely on for emotional support. I now have Kitty. She was so sweet and so understanding and supportive, I couldn’t have felt better. I am so grateful for her support and encouragement. I could cry at the joy of having these two very special, very remarkable people in my life. 

I did, reluctantly, go back home. Long story once again, but my fear was daddy would think less of me. Not think of me the same. This less of me than he did. Same with Kitty. My fears of being thought of as a coward and as stupid were in essence- stupid. LOL. Nothing could be further from the truth and they are still here for me- still supportive and still as loving and wonderful as always. 

I can’t even imagine a better family. And I owe them my life. I love you both so much. Thank you for being there when I was at my lowest and my worst. I am humbled and loved. I love you! 

My love, always and forever, 



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