Judgement-(the need for the absence of)

Judgement- we all do it at some rate. We do it when we eat out, looking at colleges, watching athletic performance, etc., but what about judging our partners? Judging how they take care of us, how they please us, how they look at our sexual kinks, how they trust us. The list is endless. 

It does not do any relationship any good to judge. Yet, we all do it. I have as well. I’m guilty as charged. I don’t tend to judge a whole lot, I tend to judge when I think someone is trying to hurt someone. But it’s still judging. I’m working hard at easing up on my own opinions of what is acceptable. I don’t judge sexual kinks as long as they stay fantasies, and not illegal realities. I.e., having sex with animals, or other things that may not be acceptable. Enjoy the fantasy. Why not? 

I don’t judge because you love more than one person. We are all capable of loving more than one person. Who am I to tell you it can only be me? If that person hurts you, then I have a problem with them. I don’t like anyone hurting my daddy. It’s absolutely not in their best interest to do that. I am feircely protective of him and his heart. Many times more so than he is. 

I try to not judge anyone, but poor behavior to my daddy brings out the worst side of me. I do judge you then. I judge your ability to make him happy. I am doing better but I am not there yet. I try hard not to judge daddy for anything. Not who he loves, not how he loves, not what he does. This doesn’t mean I don’t have issues with things. Of course, we aren’t going to always agree on everything. I am learning to ask. I’m not perfect with it but I am quicker to realize my mistakes. And daddy is better able to redirect me as well. 

So if you want to judge me for loving a man who is poly, go ahead. I know for sure I share a deeper and more loving intimacy than anyone can imagine. 

I love you daddy, 



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