The Web of Us

Often we think of BDSM as the focus of a D/s relationship. While it is an important component to our relationship, it is not at all the primary part of it. I don’t think we are much different than any D/s couple or poly family. We are so multifacted, he is my best friend, my lover, my daddy, my confidant, my family, my leader, my partner. I admire him more than he will ever know, dispite his reluctance to see why I am smitten. I love his heart, his kindness, his demeanor, even his tolerance when I am a true pain in the ass. (And there are times I am a real little ass.)

You can’t strip out one layer though without screwing up the whole relationship. If we weren’t friends, it would take away from our dyanmic. If I didn’t adore him, it would not be the same as well. Any small change in our relationship would, well, CHANGE it. Other people don’t have that much influence because it simply doesn’t change us. There is not a time where I don’t feel loved and if I get insecure (Sophie can be a very insecure little pita) he knows how to calm my fears.

All of this is not to say we are perfect. Hardly, we have disagreements, we just don’t keep them bottled up. If we are upset, we deal with it. I don’t hold it in and I’m learning to be a little more gentle. We are quick to say I’m sorry, and best of all, we actually mean it. We try not to repeat the same thing and try to improve. We are human beings first, we love each other second, we are Dominant and Submissive third. It’s a truly multifacted diamond of a relationship. Daddy has earned my respect, and he also respects me, as well. He knows my best qualities, my strengths , and unfortunately my flaws, which are varied and many. It simply doesn’t matter. I know all of his as well. We still are partners, friends and lovers.

We can’t exisit on a different level. I can’t imagine only being one thing to daddy or visa versa. we are a multifacted couple, and it’s very noticeable if you meet us. Our eyes smile, our bodies are longing to touch, not always in a sexual way, but in an intimate way that can’t be missed.

Life is better when we are connected in anyway. It’s even better when we are connected in person. We are happier, calmer, and always sillier. There are plenty of laughs and a few tears. Sometimes they are tears of happiness, sometimes, anger. But the angry ones are short-lived. We simply can’t stay mad at each other. It’s just the way it is.

We are real people with real lives, jobs, kids, spouses, and problems. We don’t take out our lifes problems on each other. We sooth the stressors out when possible. We are connected in a gentler way. Most of all we love each other. we are sure of one thing if nothing else in this crazy world. We have each other. Always and forever. Regardless of who and how many metamours or who they are. , of how many issues we come acress. We love each other. It’s pretty fucking amazing actually.- I wish I could bottle this and sell it. We’d be extremely wealthy.

I love you daddy,

Always and forever.


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