Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Sometimes, the person whose sperm actually helped make you, isn’t your real Daddy. Sometimes it’s a very special man who takes you under their wing and makes sure no one hurts you, they make sure you are safe, they make sure you love yourself, they make sure you are aware that you are not the lost soul you always felt like. You have a purpose and have value. And they love you on so very many levels. They are as consistent as they possibly can be and they remind you that you possess a beauty that isn’t likely to fade because its deep inside of you. No one can take that from you. You love with all your heart and you can, because they will protect that heart. 

You call that gentle, sweet kind loving leader of your soul, Daddy. He loves you and he will hold you dear to his heart for as long as you both have breath. And you in turn would stop anyone from hurting him. You pledge your allegiance to him and you never waiver from your devotion. You belong to him. You are his and he is yours. 

Happiest Father’s Day to the best natural father and the best daddy I have ever known. I must have done something right to have God’s blessing to find a man I can honestly say I admire. There are so few men in the world I can say that about. And to think one of them is my daddy. WOW!!! Simply WOW! 

I love you daddy and always will. I made you a promise when we first met. I will honor that promise till the day God takes one of us. I will protect you and love you forever and ever. 

I love you always and forever, you have my heart. I am yours. 

Kisses and big hugs and love,

Sophie and Sugar


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