Why No, I’m Not A Quiet Submissive (and your point is?)

Daddy and I were talking today. I always try hard to be that guiding light he sometimes needs and he is always my guiding light. Just because I am submissive, doesn’t mean I’m a pushover. Doesn’t mean I won’t tell him if something will hurt him, doesn’t mean I won’t fight for him with every breath I have in my soul.

I am his warrior submissive. Someone wrote an article that I have referenced here a few times. It really did strike home for me. I am not the kneel by his feet and let other people hurt him submissive. I will stand up, get tough and no one should even try to hurt my daddy. I am not going to allow that.

About the second week I was talking with him online, I made him a promise to always protect him. I mean from anyone who hurts him. Not only anyone from himself. If I hurt him, I beat my ownself up so badly you’d think I killed a man! I am always watching out for that man. I know that he needs little watching over but I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t protect my protector!

We have developed such a trust with each other that when I say beware, he thinks about it. I do not ever say “You can’t do ________.” I will however say, if you do this the consequences could be Think about those and let me know how you feel. He knows my care and concern comes from a place of unconditional love and devotion. I always have his best interest at heart, he knows that and I have proven that as well. As we have discussed, it’s all in the actions.

Of course, all I am saying goes for him as well. I am aware that everything we do we do to benefit each other. He always has my best interest at heart too. He’s my daddy, he protects and cares for me. That fact ┬ájust doesn’t mean he never needs someone to care and protect him. He sometimes does. And I do that with joy and in servitude. Protecting is part of my submissive duties. It is part of me and part of my submission.

So Daddy definitely has a tiger by the tail with me, but my fierceness is part of who I am. He loves that part too and that is about all I could ever want in life.

I love you daddy,

Always and forever,



2 thoughts on “Why No, I’m Not A Quiet Submissive (and your point is?)

  1. Just because we are supposed to be the big tough Dom, does not mean we are not vulnerable. The submissive is and has to be multidimensional in her service. The Dom has to also keep rightsided and be purposeful in training guidance of his care. As I also remind you little one. You are my good and faithful submissive. I never said it would be easy “wink”.

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