Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just because we have some different ways of showing our love and just because we have more definite rules in our relationships, doesn’t mean we aren’t lovers. BDSM is full of love, respect and deep caring. I think much more than most vanilla relationships.

We are best friends, confidants, and enjoy every moment together. It’s a joy to be hugged. Not so very different from any vanilla relationship. We have definitely more visible boundaries to be sure. We would be punished for things others can do readily. And those things change from relationship to relationship. In BDSM the rules are different for every relationship. And they are more pronounced.

We are different, but in our differences we find a closer bond. Something that is hard to describe to others. It’s a level of trust that is huge. It’s the realization that a small infraction could tear the whole cloth. It’s the knowledge that you can destroy what took years to build in a lie. So we don’t lie, we don’t need to lie. I may not always like what daddy tells me, but I always love the truth in it. He may not like that I am as brutally honest with him as he is with me, but I have explained that when I give him a compliment or praise it’s never superficial. It’s always from my heart and my truest emotion.

Our bond is special. It’s protection. It’s kind. It’s a million things wrapped up in a pretty red bow with love. It’s who we are in a raw state, with no masks or pretense. It’s two hearts open and loving. It’s fragile and it’s strength is unmeasurable. It’s get in your face but it’s with utter admiration and respect. It’s knowing that it can all be broken with a lie but it’s also knowing that it’s the strongest relationship you’ve even known.

So yes we are all different in this lifestyle. We have different rules. We have different boundaries, but we have strength in our relationships. And love- lots and lots of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day fellow Kinksters. Enjoy our day of outwardly showing love. We are blessed. We are strong.

I love you daddy, with my heart and soul. And I am yours. I am loved and I love deeply. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kisses and Hugs, ❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋



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