The Power of Kneeling

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 11.19.53 PMOften, life gets so very busy, and filled with pleasantries, too busy perhaps, too many days where you have no time to show your intimate behaviors. This is life. It’s always part of life. Daddy and I have gotten to see each other many times, but not for any significant play time for a while. Today, we finally had a few hours. We played with a new toy, a suede flogger that we hadn’t had the chance to use. It was wonderfully stingy and fun.

Daddy enjoyed the dom-space that playing with the flogger helped him achieve. I know that his sadistic streak was excited to say the least. Our power exchange is always evident, yet today it was absolute. Daddy had my submission. We had a wonderful time all of today, but the most incredible time for me was at the end. I had tried hard to be the model submissive, as I usually did when I see daddy. He smiled and we took some time to decompress our lives. The flogging was something both of us needed, a release of built up tensions. I won’t ever give you what I think Daddy felt, but I will say for me it was so enjoyable to have so many sensations running through my body.

Yet, what I enjoyed more than any thing else was something much, much, more simple. Daddy and I had finished playing and we put on our clothes and I was giving him a hug. He said very sternly, “Kneel for me, now.” I slowly, but obediently, slid down on my knees still hugging Daddy, now his legs, and suddenly, I was home. Home in my own skin, home in his dominance, home to be myself, home with him totally in control. I was able to give him my submission and it was freeing. More free than I have felt in a long time. It was an incredible bond that we shared. He told me what a good girl I was and how he was pleased at how I had served him. When you are a submissive that is like food for your soul. It’s the Academy Awards of Submission. It’s the Emmy’s Grammy’s and Golden Globes, all wrapped up into one. I was beaming. Daddy was too.

Soon after we left each other and went about our normal vanilla lives. I couldn’t get the smiles off my face all day. I felt accomplished and worthwhile in my submission. I was owned… I was his… I was grinning all day!

I love you, daddy. I am yours. Your obedient and loyal submissive. My heart and my submission are yours.

Always and forever,



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