Sugar’s Page


Introducing Sugar

I am Sugar. I am Daddy’s Alpha Submissive*. I have a sister submissive, Kitty. Kitty and I are easy-going, and have similar backgrounds. She is also my friend. We have bonded. Daddy is very good at keeping us happy and handling any small issues that arise. I am older than my sister, yet in a lot of ways much younger than she is at times. Basically, I have a little* in me that comes out occasionally. She’s about 13 and funny. What the amazing part is in my life, daddy can identify her  immediately, sometimes before I do. I am often in trouble with Daddy for being bossy or mouthy, or simply not trusting he has my best interest at heart. (He always wins by the way! LOL)

Most times I’m a very adult person who is a confidant, friend and lover to both Daddy and Kitty. We are a family, maybe quite different than anyone else’s but a family none the less. We watch out for each other, take care of each other and we love to spoil each other. Kitty and I love surprising Daddy.

Before you think, “these people are goofy” trust me we are all very educated, sane and sincere. This will be our journey into discovering our submission and our family life.

What Is It Like To Be a Daddy’s Girl?

Well, a little about my personality first. I am quite submissive. I love to please and hate conflicts. I have been this way since I can remember. I am also a little as I have stated above. I am by nature a mommy too. I take care of people. I do everything I can to be helpful. I am a low maintenance person, but some take that as no maintenance, I digress.

My experience as a submissive started in young childhood. No nothing sexual at all. Just that I always remember taking orders and pleasing. I was never sexually abused, or sexually harmed in any way. I just always thought it was comforting to know everyone was happy. I truly believe you don’t become a submissive, you are one. That doesn’t mean you can’t like kinky sex, or be a bedroom submissive. It’s just that to be a submissive who is that way in all areas of life, can’t be taught or learned.

A daddy dominant is a kinder, gentler dominant who takes extra care of their submissive. They nurture and encourage the best in their submissive. Daddies want nothing more than for their girls to be happy and playful. I do my best with a daddy dominant. I think I have found the best daddy dominant in the whole world and yes it’s a shame not everyone can have him. He leads by example, and he always, ALWAYS has my best interest at heart, same goes for my sister, Kitty. I have had some bad relationships with other dominants in the past, which are of no consequence now, except that I sometimes get afraid and insecure- yes I can be a PITA* when that happens. Daddy always straightens me out. It’s hard for him because he cares a lot for my little. I know that. I am not bratty for the sake of being a brat though, I am bratty because of fear and insecurity. He’s working on that with me.

I hope you enjoy our blog. Daddy, Kitty and I are excited to bring this to you. Maybe it will help a beginning submissive or dominant. Maybe you will be more kind to the kinky community as a whole. Just read it with an open mind and know we are putting it out there for you to enjoy.

* See BDSM Glossary for definitions


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