Our Story According to Sugar

I met daddy online on a bdsm site. I had briefly emailed him on a comment  he made and we talked. As a matter of fact there hasn’t been a day since September 16, 2014 we haven’t talked in some form. We have slowly grown into how we are today. Neither of us expected to be this close I am sure of that. Daddy didn’t want a real relationship as far as I could tell. He wanted to find a nice submissive but more casually. He didn’t even think I was very submissive at all. We laugh about that now.

He thought I was a 50 shades wanna be who wanted some spice in her life. We have talked about that and we still find it amusing. We quickly became friends. Okay, maybe friends with benefits but more friends than anything else. We grew closer each week and started really enjoying our time together.

As time went by he told me of his desire to have a fmf threesome. I said sure I didn’t mind and we set out to find a good person to make his dream come true. Finally, after much looking, we found Kitty. Kitty was fun, genuine, great for us all around. We didn’t know Kitty would become our family of course. That relationship grew slowly to where we are today.

As for me, I am under contract and so is Kitty. Daddy has been nothing short of special, honest, trustworthy, kind, and caring. Kitty has been a surprising and welcomed addition to our lives. We laugh often and hard, we all learn together and hug much. I am a very, very lucky woman. I am blessed.


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