Sugar’s Song List

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.47.23 AMI love music. Here are some of my favorite songs!

My little has always felt alone in the past. Always felt like she was never cherished. This was her song: Seven Years, Norah Jones.  Trivia Fact!!! Norah Jones is Ravi Shankar’s (The Beatles Maharaji) daughter.

These days I find this song much more appropriate. It’s lyrics are poignant and tells how much life has changed for me. This is my tribute to daddy. Sweet Surrender Daddy has taken my trust and wrapped it up and given it to me as a gift. He has shown me I truly can trust another man. Thank you, Daddy!

Another of my favorite songs is Glitter in the Air  by Pink. It’s why Daddy calls me Sugar. My favorite line in the song is “Have you ever trusted, just trusted?” Reminds me all the time of how much trust it takes. And that when you can blindly trust another human being, it’s freeing and makes you both feel like you can fly! And each time I am with my family I ask myself “Will it ever get better than tonight?”

This song is for my sister and I. We have strange spouses. Sometimes nice, sometimes abusive assholes. This is for us to know it’s not us. Daddy told us that. I am safe now, so is my sister. I Feel Everything I love Idina Menzel.

One of my absolute favorite songs is by Billy Joel. It’s how your heart feels pain but how worth it is to FEEL. Feel something if you get hurt or not. It’s why I told daddy I loved him and why I can’t hold in emotions. I really suck at not showing emotions. I would love to be one of those strong people with no emotions on their face and eyes. And So It Goes.

Another Billy Joel song that is my ringtone for daddy is this one. It’s a Matter of Trust. Funny thing is he doesn’t know this is his ringtone. Grin, well he will now!

Yet another Billy Joel song is Honesty. It’s a song that really reminds me of how I started to realize that Daddy is always honest with me. Not superficially honest, totally honest. Thank you Daddy. I am in return completely honest with him. And we all know too many people who aren’t honest at all. Lies disintegrate relationships, which sounds odd for people lying to their spouses. They have lied to us too. Mine promised to protect me. He’s the one I need protection from.






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