Sugar’s Thoughts

Seeing Daddy

I’m working in the store and I and dancing around silly as usual. Sophie is always with me, (people in work are quite used to it by now. ) I look up and there is daddy grinning at me. My shock must have been noticeable because I felt like I had seen a ghost. I had no idea he was coming in to see me. I grinned and helped him find somethings he wanted to look at. My hands were almost shaking. My anticipation at going to see him after work was growing by leaps and bounds and there he was grinning at me. Happy. That is all I ever want to see—happy daddy.
He bounced out of the store like he came in, smiling and happy. I was done in an hour and so excited to get to see him and my sister together. What a joy. As I walked in the restaurant, they were sitting looking into each other’s eyes and Kitty did not look happy. On the contrary, she looked like she was going to cry. “Oh no,” I thought, “what did she do or say to change both of their happy moods?” I stopped to listen and daddy was telling her that she didn’t think she deserved to be happy and loved. Rang a bell in my ears that’s for sure. I have known that pain and thought, oh Kitty, we want you and love you. I sat down next to her then up and sat next to daddy. It would have felt easier if there was a third place to sit, but there wasn’t. So daddy explained that he told the waitress, I was her sister.  So I should sit next to her. I did as I was told and daddy winked at me. I smiled and winked back knowing that is was all going to be okay.  I let out a sigh of relief that no one was in a foul mood and that I wasn’t interrupting anything I couldn’t be a part of.  He was trying to help Kitty see that we are all worth something. Each of us is worth being loved. She was almost in tears and I held her hand on and off. As daddy held the other one. I knew it was going to be fine. She seemed to understand and to calm herself down. She fought back tears and looked at me with a look that was between extreme anger and defeat and a harsh realization that daddy was right. It was indeed what she felt and feared. Unfortunately she had to go home and daddy left me to go to the car with Kitty. I was drinking a glass of wine which I was grateful for. I needed the stress relief at that point.
 Daddy threw his wallet down in front of me if I needed to pay the bill. It makes me laugh when that happens. And it shows me exactly how much he trusts me. He knows how trustworthy I am and that I knew he’d be back soon (he also threw his car keys lol)
Daddy and I went out to play some slots. I could sense a bit of agitation or stress in his mood, nothing strong but I knew he was in someway tense. I also knew it had nothing to do with Kitty or I. He was not in a cranky mood or anything he was happy but something wasn’t right. I knew that. So I did what I do best when he’s stressed, I make him laugh and he feeds off of that and he makes me laugh. So we had a fun and relaxing time. On the way down the escalator, I kissed the back of his neck and rubbed his shoulders a little. His back was tight and I said you’re all stressed. He agreed that he was a little and at that moment I wanted to be naked in a bed giving him a full body back massage. We walked to my car and I drove him to where he was parked. We kissed good bye and smiled. It was a good evening and I even won a little money. Life to me couldn’t get better than that. An evening with Daddy and getting to see my sister all in one day. AND I may get to see Daddy at breakfast. Life is damn good.


Missing Daddy

I don’t often miss daddy as much as I did today. I had a terrible feeling that things were wrong. He was woken up by a phone call that really made me upset last night. I didn’t know about it until this morning, but being the empath I am, I knew something was off. Creepy Gift lives. Daddy assured me he was fine, but exhausted and that he’d be absolutely fine and he was thinking of me and my sister. I spent the whole day feeling odd. Strange behaviour for me. Very strange. I didn’t like it at all. I talked to him very briefly on the phone. It made me feel better, even if it was just a minute or two. I hate when I go too long without seeing him. It’s very hard for my sister and I to be away from Daddy for too long. Glad things seem okay. All will be fine. I am fine— doesn’t mean I miss him any less. Pout.


Daddy asked Kitty and I to spend some girly time together. So Kitty came over my house and I greeted her in panties and bra at the door. She came in and I gave her a BIG kiss and hug. I was so happy to see her. Then we went upstairs to the bedroom and we both got naked pretty quickly. Kitty really liked being a little Domme herself tonight. We had fun. We were romping in the bed, with Kitty’s face between my legs for a long time. Then things got very hot. I started rubbing Kitty’s clit and finding her g spot and fucking her with my fingers. (oh who needs toys! LOL) and she did the same. The hotter she got, the hotter I got and well—we sort of, kind of, pretty much, made a puddle in the bed. We laughed and hugged each other then we did facetime with Daddy. He gave us more fun things to do! I was instructed to take Kitty into the bath tub and pee on her hands. Daddy got to watch the whole thing. Then I spanked Kitty and used a crop on her. The picture of her pretty ass is in our Real People page. Kitty and I kissed and then I made Kitty cum again and she made me do the same. Daddy watched us 69 with each other and cum again but the most adorable thing was the happy look on his face. I know Kitty would say the same thing. He was beaming like the sunshine. When I see Daddy that happy, my world is perfect. I know Kitty loved it too! What a great day for me! giggle.

{This post is not about my D/s family! It is about life in general.}
Sometimes people simply have limitations. You all know what I mean. Your friend who always screws up and brings the wrong dessert, even after you had a 10 minute discussion about what to bring, your son who always forgets to take out the trash even though it’s trash night. You love them unconditionally. You learn to either double check their behavior, or to ignore it and love them anyway.
Then there are the toxic people. These are the people who don’t forget things, they do things to you that are selfish, unkind, and self serving. They go out of their way to be mean or self centered. To make you feel badly because it makes them feel good. Or the other kind is the person who simply doesn’t care how something  effects you. They do it anyway. Who cares? It suits them just fine.
Moral: keep the unconditional people and run from the toxic people. You will lead a happier, longer life with no regrets, knowing you are cared for and maybe, just maybe,  the dessert will be perfect one day!!!

Simple word really. Without conditions. I promised unconditionally. No matter what, no matter who, no matter where. I will be there for my family. I will protect them and hold them in my heart. I will help them and when other people are mean I will fight with them and for them. Do not hurt my family ever- for I love them unconditionally.
Protection-It Is For and From Us All!
I am a natural protector. Yes, I am submissive, yes I have a little, but I am also a protector. I have protected Daddy numerous times from himself. Little things, nothing big, a name on an email, or location services on, small, dumb stuff really. That being said, I take care of his needs, his wants and I am his right hand girl. I am technology savvy, (as he is also but I have more time than he does) so I can whip up something for him. I can post something, edit it, and do it in minutes while he’s busy with real life. When we are together or talk, he always protects me. He is quick to search my heart for anything that could make me uncomfortable, or upset. He is quick to know if I don’t look or sound okay. He is a real bugger that he will not let uncomfortable questions go. If you say I’m okay, he is quick to have you explain why or why not this is true. This goes for me or Kitty. If I’ve had a minor disagreement with Daddy, Kitty is quick to protect me. She doesn’t counteract what Daddy said or how he is right or wrong, her main concern is how am I feeling and what can she do to make me feel better or back to normal. Kitty also likes pleasing Daddy and protecting him from anything that would make him upset. We are a group of people who have all had deep heartbreak and deep sorrow in our lives. I won’t go into all of the things that have happened to us now, but we are survivors. And now we all have protectors too. Life can’t get better than this. I am more grateful than anyone I know for this opportunity to be in a D/s family. It’s like having a blanket around you in the winter and a cool mist in the summer. It’s my fantasy, yet my distinct reality. If only everyone could experience this feeling. Ahh yes… it’s my own private paradise- Big Smiles!


Daddies, Sisters and Friends – Oh My!

As my sister, Kitty said today, we are good friends. I have been friends with Daddy for quite awhile. By friends, I don’t mean the typical kind of friend, but a deep, emotional bond that close deep friendships have. Yes, we are sexually active with each other, yes, I feel a close bond and love them in a romantic love type of way, and yes, I love to please them both in my most submissive way, but the over-lying depth of this relationship is an unconditional friendship and love. We can talk to each other about anything, we can bitch and moan about our spouses, our weight, our kids, our car’s being in the shop, our work situations-ANYTHING. When I see them it takes all of my power not to jump into their arms and say make me naked in 2 seconds flat and take me. Or I’ll make you naked in 2 seconds flat, but that reason is they understand me. Daddy knows when I need reassurance, Kitty knows when I just need to vent. Yesterday, Daddy took Kitty to breakfast, I am out of town so I couldn’t meet them, I was so happy that they got to spend some time together. It didn’t bother me in the least. I knew they would BOTH tell me about it and I was special in both their lives. That’s it- Nirvana, I am special to not one person but two. There are no secrets, nothing to hide. I know we all have our best interests at heart. I truly love them and yes, that just feels damn good.

The Upcoming Week-06/15/2015

I am just a happy little Submissive. I have the best little family. All is right in my world. My sister and I have a meeting scheduled. I hope to see Daddy this week, if only for a little while. I am so excited. Daddy seems happy with us. I am feeling all warm and snuggly inside. I haven’t been this happy in a very long time. I am just in love with life. Oh yeah my family too! 🙂

My Promises

I promise to care about my families feelings. I will stop and come out of myself for a few moments to see how you both are feeling. I will remind you to allow me to process when something is feeling bad. Most of the time it’s something in me that is scared. She (my little) gets so scared so many times. Once I have identified her fear, I can usually go back to my natural non-jealous, non-envious state. I will promise to care for you both. To do my best to make you happy. To hold your hearts a little tighter. To smile a little brighter with each passing day.

My insecurities are my Achilles Heel. I will promise not to let them over-power my thoughts. When they do, I promise to communicate them to you both. To guide me to feeling safe and secure again. I love our little family. I will not be hurtful to it.

Wants and Needs

Sometimes we all need something. A hug, a kiss, to be loved, but those things really don’t take money. Most of the things we need take other people and their time. Of course, food, shelter and clothing are needs too. They take money, but I am talking about needing emotional things. I may want lots of things, but I truly don’t need them. I gain fulfillment from being with my little family. It’s not every day or even every week, but I cherish every moment we all spend together. We all do. That is a need, to find time in our lives to spend even a few hours together. Sometimes it’s Kitty and I shopping, or daddy and I getting coffee in the morning together for a little. It’s not always sexual, that is fabulous always but not the reason we are all together. It’s deeper, much deeper than that. It’s time we have to spoil and pamper each other. I need to do that for daddy and Kitty and I find they have that same need.

Daddy is often uncomfortable with us pampering him. It’s comical to see his reaction to us. He definitely enjoys it and he is always grateful. It’s the gratitude we have for how we please each other that is so lacking in so many relationships. If we do anything, big or small, it’s never expected or taken for granted. It’s appreciated and simply accepted as a true gift of love.

When someone does something nice for you show gratitude. It could be they cheered you up or made you laugh or brought you a cupcake. Let them know you appreciate it. And that it makes you happy. Life is too short to expect things. When you expect nothing and get anything you are always happy. Happiness comes from my family and radiates outwardly. It spills over to my entire life.

I am one happy little person. And I have the best family ever. Hugs and kisses! Sugar.

Being an Empath – AKA the Creepy Gift

What is an Empath? you may be asking yourself. Let’s just say that I feel things, things I shouldn’t, I know things, things I have no business knowing. I know that people need me when they haven’t talked to me in awhile, I know how people are feeling from a simple word “hello.” I not only know this but I can feel your heart and soul when you are feeling those things. It’s often maddening. But it allows me to know who you are. Not the superficial person you want the world to see but who you really are. I know when you need alone time, when a hug and a kiss are needed. I also can make you laugh when your sad. It’s funny actually, as much as I feel sadness, I also feel happiness and laughter. I laugh hard, harder than most. I will make you laugh too! I have been told I’m scary. Unfortunately, I don’t have this “gift” with everyone but when I do you can hide. It’s like being inside of you. I see and feel what you do, from your perspective. As a child, I used to think everyone had this ability. Hence mean people baffled me. Still do to this day actually. I don’t understand why they would be mean. sigh

Daddy is always amazed when I tell him about people. I am usually right. I haven’t actually taken data on how many times I am right but about 80% sounds good. I have actually repeated conversations that have taken place I had no knowledge of. At first, I am scary to some, then when you get used to it, I am the person you run to to find out what someone else is feeling. grin How does this relate to my submission or my family?  I saw daddy for the first time walking from a short distance. My heart leaped, I knew what a good soul he had. He was not as happy then as now, but I knew there was goodness and kindness inside of him. I also knew I would one day love him. I fought this. I tried hard to protect myself, I was afraid, what if I was wrong? What if? What if? I grew to trust him more each day. Slowly, day by day we grew. I can honestly say he doesn’t ever lie to me. NEVER. Nor I to him. It’s one of the most amazing things, ever. And when he smiles, I feel that to the depths of my spirit, my soul.

When I met my sister, I knew she was special. She had an enthusiastic way about her. I knew from feeling her she was good. I allowed her to find her way to us slowly, at her pace. We were waiting for her. Waiting to allow her to bloom as the submissive woman she was. Strong as steel on the outside and soft as a rose petal inside. She is special, one of a kind and I adore her. (so does daddy!)

If you would like to learn more about Empaths, check out this site: EMPATHS GUIDE It describes me better than I can do it myself.



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