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Fantasy Vs. Reality

As I sit here at the airport, I find my mind wondering across the notion of fantasy vs. reality and how they interconnect in one’s mind.  I am sitting in fantasy world with reality spinning all around me.  The notion of having two subs under contract is an amazing delicate balance of fantasy Vs reality.  I can easily think back across the times l have watched porn wondering “wow that would be so cool,” to have two women in a sexual bedroom situation. I can see it in my mind’s eye, that would be so much fun.  I could do so many dirty naughty things to them.  Well fast forward time, here I am in that situation for real.  I must say its better than any fantasy.   The fantasy of two women and the reality has a measurable distance, either one side of fun or the other.  The situation I find myself in is not so much fun, as it’s more comfortable in nature. The unusual nature feeling seems very real to me and seems to fit who I am.  We are a family; oh I can see it in in your eyes, the lack of understanding, and the roll of your eyes.  I know they legally belong to other men, but they also belong to me.  I know that, feel it and can touch it.  I leave the room sometimes and for days I feel their touch on my skin. I feel the hot breath of a whisper. I feel the energy flow through my veins.  The blood pumps harder, the heartbeat races.  Oh I know they are legally someone else’s , but for a time, a small window of time perhaps, they belong to me and the world completely stops spinning. Think about that next time you are stuck in traffic…Grin!

Sunday Morning Random Thoughts

I am just laying in my bed thinking about all that has occurred. The mind is an interesting muscle. I find what pops in and out to be interesting in its self. I am going to ask Sugar, to find matching public collars for the girls today. I think it’s important for them to remember they are collared both in public and when in private. The collar is a symbol of my ownership, but also a reminder to them I am with them every day.  I can’t ask for actual collars, because of course both are married. Real-life will always trump fantasy life. As you read through my blog, I think you will pick up a common theme and that’s the girls safety. At no point, would I ask them to jeopardize their real lives for what we have. Not to say what we have is not important. I feel their married lives are more important because of the spouses and families(more later). I am planning on taking one of the girls away in the next few weeks for  a couple of days.  This , must lead the reader, to wonder about the other family member (how is that fair?)   I want to assure you there is no jealousy between the girls. I want to take a single girl for them to spend some alone time with daddy. In this instance the other girl can’t make the date. The fact remains one on one alone time can be very important. The communication around a trip is just as important, as for the trip itself though. One must communicate, actions thoughts and emotions. The girls have to know that the family is the most important piece but individually they are unique.

Well this is a work in progress, of that there is no doubt. I have informed both my Sub’s we now have a blog. I will instruct them to add thoughts and ideas as we move along.  I also will add pics as we move along and I figure out how to do it. I have two subs under contract and we are a family.


Well it’s contract time for one of my subs. We have had a 90 day contract and we have come to the end of the term. I am in the process of writing a new one. When considering a new contract, one has to think in complete terms. The contract needs to give a sub a sense of security, but also almost test the sub. The contract should be worded to encompass the desire of the Dom and the desires of the sub. I should have a first draft completed later this week and we discuss the length and some of the challenges.

Truth in Advertising

I am sitting here thinking about the 3 of us marriage and life in general. I wanted to tell the world about cheating and how all this came together. I have been married 25 years and not had sex with my partner in over 5 years. I have been to therapy, counseling and gone on various romantic locations around the world. I don’t cheat for the sex. I am a cheater because I like the connection, power exchange and it gives me the will to get through my day. The dom part of my existence comes from the need to be desired, needed, wanted and the desire to control with purpose. I have picked very carefully and learned a lot along the way. I have learned for example, that not all subs are the same and not all subs have the same needs, desires and wants. The desire men have to dominate and lead can sometimes get confused with the desire to abuse and beat. I have put in ad’s before pretending to be a sub to truly understand the mindset of some Doms. I would caution subs to pick very carefully with purpose, thoughtfulness and careful planning. I would recommend anyone thinking of being a sub to talk to one of my girls. As for the Doms out there, please realize your sub/slaves are humans. They have wants and needs. They cry and need to be held. I would suggest you treat your sub like a precious item to be cherished cared for and loved. I will talk more about this in the future, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts today.


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