Our Sexual Encounters


I know most people following us will be more interested in the sex then the actual relationship. Well after our last sexual encounter at a hotel close to us, I think we are closer. We had a great time and took some really erotic pictures. I will post some of them next week after I do some editing to keep us secret. There is nothing more erotic then having two subs suck you. I especially like one licking my ass and one on my cock. The obedience and energy exchange is electric. The dynamic is that we please each other both in and out of the bedroom. The ladies will do anything I ask and we all love kinky sex. One of my favorite things is to spank. This time I spanked Kitty whilst she went down on Sugar.  The pink hue is awesome on the buttocks. A nice leather belt when used right will leave the pink color but no marks. A new kink is for me to put my hands around the girls throats as they cum. I am careful not to hurt, yet tight enough they know my hands are there.


Daddy asked Kitty and I to spend some girly time together. So Kitty came over my house and I greeted her in panties and bra at the door. She came in and I gave her a BIG kiss and hug. I was so happy to see her. Then we went upstairs to the bedroom and we both got naked pretty quickly. Kitty really liked being a little Domme herself tonight. We had fun. We were romping in the bed, with Kitty’s face between my legs for a long time. Then things got very hot. I started rubbing Kitty’s clit and finding her g spot and fucking her with my fingers. (oh who needs toys! LOL) and she did the same. The hotter she got, the hotter I got and well—we sort of, kind of, pretty much, made a puddle in the bed. We laughed and hugged each other then we did facetime with Daddy. He gave us more fun things to do! And I made Kitty cum again and she made me do the same.  Daddy watched us and the most adorable thing was the happy look on his face. I know Kitty will say the same thing. He was beaming like the sunshine. When I see Daddy that happy, my world is perfect. I know Kitty loved it too! What a great day for me! giggle

Stepping it up!

Let me add to these encounters from my perspective.  Sex is easy for me.  I enjoy it and I am now learning about a whole new world of sex.  The energy that is shared in Sir’s presence is powerful and intense.  When he looks into my eyes as Sugar is licking my clit it takes me to another dimension.  As she is pleasuring me I cum for the first time.  But they don’t let up, Sir continues to stand over top of me eyes staring into mine as he instructs Sugar to make me cum again.  As he says to me “you will ask me to ask to cum beg me to let you cum”.  Ugh!!! how do I stop from cumming?Impossible!  I start to protest then I feel the sting of his hand. Slap! Across the cheek my eyes become hard as a peer at him!  Slap Slap Slap!  then a warm caress from his hand across my cheek.  I want to scream “don’t do that again!” but the words do not come out of my mouth.  The sting I can still feel it the warmth.  Hmmm, it feels good. I am close to cumming again but I won’t ask and I am not gonna beg. Our eyes are locked don’t glare at him he doesn’t like it.  Oh Sugars fingers feel so good inside me.  Mmmm she has found all the right spots.  It feels so good.  I am so wet.  Purring!  Then I hear his voice and he says, “tell me you want me to slap you”.  Deep breath deep breath…. slap me Sir.  Slap Slap! Wow, that is hot the sting throws shocks through my body.  I am getting lost between the sting and Sugar pleasuring me.  He instructs Sugar “make her cum now”!  I can’t hold back I look into Sir’s eyes he says ask me.  I can’t believe the words that just came out of my mouth.  “Please Sir may I cum?” he instructs me to tell Sugar.  “Sugar you make me feel so good please don’t stop, I want to cum”  PURRRR!



5 thoughts on “Our Sexual Encounters

  1. I’m reading your blog NOT for the sexual encounters, but because of my curiosity about your lifestyle and your relationship. Just so you know that there’s a least one reader who doesn’t need to be a voyeur all the time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s amazing and there is little about our sexual encounters. We are not focused on hot sex. Do we have it. Yes. But out focus is on our triad relationship and growing. I love my family and I think it shows. We are very close and sex isn’t the issue. Family is.
      Thanks and please enjoy our posts! I love hearing about it.
      Thank you!!!


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