Kitty’s Story

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The Email – How It All Started

I receive an email from Sugar on a swing site.  I giggled because it mentioned BDSM. What?  Heck no, that’s not for me.  But I am also not a rude person so I replied politely to the email with a thank you but I feel I’m not your type. Wow! Was I wrong. Sugar was just as polite and she engaged me in a very innocent friendly conversation. It was an easy conversation.  I liked her.  We had a several exchanges over the next few hours. Building rapport. We all know it well.  Searching and analyzing on both ends is this a fit. Then I met Sir!  I must of passed Sugar’s initial screen, I thought.  He was friendly and witty in his exchanges and spoke highly of Sugar.  I was immediately intrigued by them.

The Meeting

As I walked to the entrance of the restaurant ,I was doing my best to not be nervous. What will they think?  What will I think?  Deep breath, deep breath, and as I approached the doorway there she stood, Sugar. She was cute and had such an inviting smile and was friendly. She gave me a hug and we walked to the table. Sir was waiting for us – he was gorgeous.  We sat and the two of them made it so comfortable. We started chatting as if we had know each other for sometime. There was never a lull in the conversation. I kept looking at Sugar to see if I met her approval.  She was funny and relaxed and smiled. I love her smile. We laughed and discussed what would come next. I left with my heart racing in excitement. I even got a kiss on my cheek from Sir. It made me blush.


I am so excited and nervous and maybe a little apprehensive.  I enter the hotel lobby and need to collect myself so I go to get a cup of coffee.  As I approach the dining room I hear my name.  It startles me I look and there he is again.  That smile!  We gather our coffee and walk to the room.  Sugar is inside and looks beautiful all smiles.  We talk and get acquainted.  Sir instructs Sugar to kiss me.  Our first kiss it was soft and warm.  She then kisses Sir you can feel the heat in the room.  She turns back to kiss me as he moves behind me and starts to undress me.  I am frozen for a moment and then I find my hands exploring Sugar and Sir’s body.  She asks us to go to the bed and kiss and explore which we do.  He is smiling.  She feels so good.  Her breasts are so big and firm I suck on her nipples.  He requests that we 69. It was hot!  We come up for air. LOL! Sir tells me that he is going to spank Sugar and I’m gonna help.  What?! Sugar assumes her submissive position on her knees head down.  He spanks her with his hand and then reaches for his belt.  My eyes must be huge.  He hands me the belt.  I think to myself he is out of his mind I can not do this.  I am frozen not moving as he puts the belt in my hand.  Sugar assures me “Kitty it is okay” He stands behind me and slides his hand over mine and he pulls back my hand and together we swing the belt across sugars ass.  I feel his hand release your turn Kitty.  I stand and pout and saying I can’t. I look in his eyes and he is serious and his tone changes “Kitty,  do it!’  So I swing and I hear it hit they both giggle.  Obviously, that was a pathetic swat.  I do it again and this time the sound was different and a little pink mark.  Sir said, “keep going”  Swat, Swat swat. Oh my, the sound and the pink color.  I am in awe of Sugar. She hasn’t flinched- what discipline and obedience.  Is this what training will give me?  My heart is racing. He takes the belt and he swats sugars pink ass.  Crack!  the sound was very different then mine. Crack Crack, Crack sugar hasn’t moved not a flinch.  Her face looks content not tense, no whimpering, she looks calm.  Her ass is pink wow.  Sir is know rubbing her head moving her hair away from her face.  He is softly rubbing her ass.  A smile crosses her face.  I just sit there and watch.  He then beckons her to pleasure him.  I join them he gags each of us with the others panties.  Oh I don’t like this!   I like to make noises and kiss and nip and lick and he is telling me to be quiet and not drop the panties as they both pleasure me.  I can’t do it  but he looks at me and in a stern voice says “be quiet and don’t drop them”  In my head I am thinking why am I listening to him.  Wow she feels so good between my legs! I want to moan he shoots me a look. I become silent.  What is  going on here? Why am I… being so obedient! he takes the panties out of my mouth and kisses me.  Tells me I am a good girl. that phrase makes my heart race and a small smile crosses my lips.   He tells me to lick Sugar.  She is laying there as I am between her legs and he is standing above her smacking her breasts.  She is only moving slightly under my touches,  What am I doing wrong is she not enjoy it?  I can hear Sir talking to her and she is silent.  As he whispers to her and spanks her she is becoming a little more wetter. She is moving a little more now,  He tells her not to cum.  His dominance in the room is ever so present.  He instructs me to make her cum.  He smiles as he says to us who is going to win out me making her cum or her carrying out his wishes to not cum yet.  She is amazing at carrying out his wishes.  He removes the gag and she immediately takes his cock in her mouth.  I like watching them as I look up from between her legs.  Hehe!  Fast forward an hour or more!  We are all very happy and I was surprised how comfortable we all were as we dressed. Sugar went to her bag and pulled out a pretty pink collar and said we picked this up for you.  I froze fists clenched in my lap and teeth clenched.  A freaking collar! Hell No!  Sir walked over to me and never broke his eye contact as he unlatched the collar asked me to hold up my hair and he placed it around my neck.  He said a gift from us.  I felt like I was being strangled.  It must have been all over my face because Sugar came over and looked at me and took it off and said” it’s okay,  maybe its too small”  I couldn’t get it off my neck fast enough.  I thanked them and moved on to another conversation. We all hugged and said our farewells.  Now time to process.  Well that didn’t seem that bad – the energy in the room was nice.  I like her she is really good.  I hope I made her feel good too.  And Sir something about him, his looks, tone, stance.  Dominance!  Am I submissive?


Fast forward a few weeks and a couple  more interesting play dates.  I have come to the realization that I am indeed submissive.  How did I come to this realization I will share a another time because I’m still processing and training is very new to me.  But the day comes that I will enter into a contract with Sir and Sugar.  I do not take this lightly as I know this is a big deal.  The 2 of them are so excited I can tell and so am I.  But I’m nervous I will be connected on a different level with 2 people. I have never felt out of place with them as crazy as that sounds.  I prepared words for the occasion. Sugar and I went shopping and have matching white lingerie as to make Sir smile and see how we are in sync for him.  

I arrive  I’m excited and nervous.  Sir is smiling but still questioning me if this is what I want? Am I ok? This is serious am I sure I will submit to him?  I shake my head yes and the voice in my head is saying of course I’m here I want  this, right?  Deep breath what am I feeling really feeling at this moment.  I take another deep breath and say to myself you are submitting and entering a relationship that is based on honesty and trust.  That makes me calm but I am still hesitant.  In skips Sugar with her hands full gift bags, a cake, a bottle and glasses.  I smile they want me here.  I belong here!   The ceremony was amazing and intimate between 3 people who have chosen this journey together.  


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