Kitty’s Thoughts

Communication in any relationship is easential and for three it is critical. It’s important that there is open, honest, and authentic communication in a poly relationship. When all three are communicating together it can assist in avoiding assumptions or miscommunication as well as a break down in information.  Authentic communication and listening is also important this allows everyone to check in on what they are hearing and share their emotions and the opportunity to ask questions. We all have busy lives so it takes effort on everyone to communicate with one another and make sure one person is not left out of the communication . This will also avoid confusion and not knowing how to advise or support. Open and honest communication is very important because with out it the relationship may not grow or stay healthy. 



Wow! Did I just run out of my house jump in my car for an impromptu breakfast meeting with Sir! Yes I did. Deep breathes heart racing. Oh no Sugar! Will she be okay with it. The text comes across letting her know we are meeting and as I had suspected she is happy we are meeting.  I point this out because even though we have no jealousy between us. I know my place and have comfort in knowing that we all trust each other. So back to breakfast with Sir. He approaches the table I can’t keep my eyes off of him or the smile from going ear to ear.  I’m frozen- I know I should get up and hug him greet him properly but I don’t trust myself to not melt in his arms. But then he asks me to give him a hug.  Deep breath! Quick hug I like to feel his hands around me. The conversation begins and he asks me about things I don’t want to talk about. I’m pouting,  I’m sure!  But he looks at me and I know I can’t avoid the conversation. The questions he asks are hard. I feel tears welling up in my eyes. Damn it I will not cry!!!  I hold them back and change the subject. But not for long, Sir brings me back to the conversation. I needed to have the conversation and it was hard but he got me through it. I could sit at the table for hours talking. But in my head I am talking myself out of reaching across the table and touching his hand or rubbing my foot inside his leg. Good thing I have an anklet with bells on because as I went to move my leg to get a little rub in it jingles. I giggle and gain my composure. I have to run and start my day, he walks me to the car.  Ugh!  I want him!  I thank him for breakfast and share how happy I am. But in my head  saying, please pull me in please kiss me.  We hug and a gently farewell kiss and off I go!   Ah but it doesn’t end there back to family text, we all are sharing our thoughts about breakfast and updating Sugar.

The Phone Call

It has been years since I have stayed up till 2 am talking on the phone with a girlfriend.  Between texting and emailing who really talks for hours on the phone anymore.  Well last night my sister and I talked on the phone we  bitched about things, and giggled about things.  Oh and we talked about how wonderful daddy is and how he needs to be spoiled everyday!  And yes we even talked about how she and I felt about each other.  We are two women that are very similar yet different in many ways.  But what we share in common is a trust honesty security and being submissive.  I am learning from her and cherish the bond we are developing.  She understands me!  It’s unconditional and effortless!



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